Hydration assessment tool

Dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluids than you take in.

It reduces your muscle strength and can lead to cramps. As it becomes more severe, it can even result in fainting, coma, or death.

The first cost-effective solution that optimizes hydration plans

As our body losses fluid, it also losses salts.
Thanks to Sweanty technology, we can measure these salts and obtain information about the hydration status

The Sweanty team has been collecting sweat samples from athletes from various disciplines

What are Sweanty’s benefits?

1. Sweat Patch

Our intelligent patch absorbs sweat during the physical activity

2. Data

By analysing the amount of salts excreted, you can obtain your sweatprofile

3. Hydratation Plan

An intelligent data-driven app provides users with the best personalized hydration plan to prevent dehydration

Electrolyte gels Isotonic drink Water 2500 2250 2000 1750 1500 1250 1000 START END

Do you want to reach the finish line of your competitions without pain, without muscle strains, and without risking to heat stroke?

Our sweat analysis service will provide you with a personalized hydration plan to help you reach the finish line in optimal conditions!

Sweat test service for sports disciplines:

Individual price: 75€

Couples test price: 65€

Groups price for 3 or more people: 60€

*Prices are valid for customers in Catalonia. If you are outside this autonomous community, please contact us!
*Prices without VAT


Christian Bergadà
April 2023

Christian Bergadà is another one of our satisfied clients.
He is a runner and cyclist and has been suffering from calf cramps during races for a long time. After taking our sweat test and following the personalized guidelines designed by the SWEANTY team, he has achieved excellent results. Last month, he ran the Barcelona Marathon without any cramps and set a new personal best!